Business Timeline



Jim Green established Heatwave in Charminster Bournemouth offering trade and end user printing to local and London based businesses.


2 Premises

Brother Dave (now moved abroad)

Jim offered a quality of print that surpassed all others, specialising in t-shirt screen printing for iconic brands such as Ocean Pacific.

His enterprise grew to an employee base of 12 with automation and manual printing running alongside.


Suffered two strokes…while in hospital he lay folding t-shirts with his hands half asleep.

Passed away on 7th July 2017 - may he rest in peace.

Daughter Michelle


Anton Nichols established BlueLemur Clothing bespoke mail order printed clothing.


Jim Green downsized to become a single operative working from the current site in Southbourne.


Ownership of Heatwave transferred to Lynne and the business was run as a creative hub offering local screen printing classes and focused on art studio production.


Heatwave was acquired by Anton – Southbourne site was renovated – changing the direction of the business back to a custom print shop, offering not only screen printing, but embroidery, wide format and promotional printing all in-house. The main focus being personal, hand crafted and quality workmanship. Technical education & background.


End of 2018 we moved Heatwave to our new premises and re-branded to our current theme.

792 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH7 6DD

We have been specialising in water-based screen prints for nearly 10 years, as a response to concerns about plastics in our environment.
— Anton Nichols, Heatwave Managing Director