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Multiple Colour

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Leavers Hoodies

We have provided many schools locally and nationally with their customised leavers hoodies.

Screen Printing Techniques

Water Based Screen Print

Our environmentally friendly water-based screen printing inks are an all-round perfect solution. With light garments the ink absorbs into the fibres of the garment achieving a soft hand touch…while on darks they stand off. Water base inks are considered premium and desirable for achieving a high-end look.


Pearl white, bright silver, gold lustre or copper. Each of these inks are infused with solid particles to give a shimmering finish that stands out. A water based ink offering all the environmental credentials.


A water based ink that adds density and texture to your print; good for a subtle contrast or applied heavily for an almost 3D finish.


A plastisol ink which is clear and gives a wet look. It can make a flat colour POP or great for watermarks and effects.


Glow inks are your typical super bright neon colours that are high solid based inks that reflect the natural sun light.

The phosphorescent green ink “GLOWS” in the dark when activated by a light source.